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Alternative Cinema Podcast 33 / December 2011

Queen of Halloween's Christmas / Fujifilm FP-100c45

Alternative Cinema Podcast 33 / December 2011
Show Notes by Douglas Waltz

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We plunge right in to the Christmas extravaganza with a trippy, echoey beginning before special guest – Erin Russ informs us this is episode 33 (and not 32!)

Michael Raso has his Polaroid ProCam loaded with expired film along with William Hellfire, John Fedele and the aforementioned Erin Russ, who will be referred to as “The Russ” from here on out.

Queen of Halloween's Christmas / Impossible PZ 680 Color Shade film
"The Russ" shot with the Polaroid Pro Cam

Since we have The Russ you know that The Russ Shuffle by The Smooth Sailors can’t be far behind!

The Russ Shuffle by Film Photography Project

John Fedele was a little late so Michael took it as a sign for an impromptu photo shoot with The Russ.


The Russ brought Michael a CD of demented Christmas music which leads us into a trailer for the newly released Porkchop.

The big news of the month is that Michael has connected with his childhood sweetheart. Seems she dumped him in 1985 at The Dairy Queen when he told her he was going to a Fangoria convention to meet Tom Savini instead of spending time with her. Twenty-six years later all wounds have healed and through the magic of The Facebook.

Tom Savini
above: Tom Savini (Who is Tom Savini)

Seduction Cinema will be taking over Showtime soon with the triple threat of Playmate of the Apes, BatBabe and SpiderBabe with Showtime’s Sexy Spoofs.

The VHS release of The Basement garnered mention in both The New York Times and G4.

The Monster Channel is also being invaded by Camp Motion Pictures with the upcoming showings of;
Video Violence 1 & 2
Cannibal Campout
Woodchipper Massacre
Splatter Farm
Beauty Queen Massacre
And, of course, The Basement

Check out for more information.

Director Richard Griffin got to have two theatrical showings of his newest film, Exhumed, and Paige Davis was there for a report from the premiere.

Henrique Couto gets a mention for his new Christmas album, Yule Be Sorry which can be had over at

Mr. Hellfire was extremely excited to hear about the new film, Sweet Prudence and The Erotic Adventures of Bigfoot.

We got letters from Ramundo, Ryan Johnson, Tony who won the AC Magazine contest, but Michael never sent out, James, who wants to know if the guys want to review his movie, Hack Job and Thomas who also has a film to review called Weed Wolf. William heard there was a Bigfoot in it so he’s all for it.

The Russ covers the film Where The Dead Go To Die

The Evan City Chapel which appears in the classic film, Night of the Living Dead is in disrepair and horror fans are trying to save it from destruction. Check out to see what you can do to help.

William mentions a handful of Code Red titles for perfect Christmas presents (available from Alternative Cinema.)
Soul Survivor
And Beyond The Door.

Porkchop is finally released and for all fans of The Russ, she will indeed be topless. The Russ is also in the newest issue of Girls and Corpses. She even has a brief Q&A in the magazine which she reads for us.

This leads us into a huge review of the 1966 classic The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t that everyone watched. It even made The Russ cry.

Not to be outdone, William gives us Werewolf of Woodstock with Kevin Tighe as the main monster, Andrew Stevens as a hippy and Belinda Balaski who even wrote to The Russ about how much fun it was to make the film.

William regales us with a band called Happy Flower and their psychedelic noise/sound.

Followed up by The Golden Turkey Awards album with the season Appropriate, Hurray For Santy Claus from Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

William gives a rundown of the 24 hour Exhumed Film Festival where The Russ caught up on mass quantities of sleep.

Finally, Mike mentions Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol and we end the holiday podcast with the song ‘We’re Despicable’ from the film.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we’ll see you next year!

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