Thursday, November 3, 2011

ALTERNATIVE CINEMA PODCAST / Episode 32 - November, 2011

The Alternative Cinema Podcast

Episode 32 - November, 2011

The ultimate internet radio show for indie underground film fans and filmmakers alike! Thanksgiving Horrors! VHS Goes to Camp! The Thing 2011! New DVD Releases! Near-Death and the Ultimate Poop Story! Hosted by Michael Raso, John Fedele and William Hellfire!

Show Notes by Douglas Waltz


The AC Podcast returns with one of my favorite quotes from John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s Mike, John and William with November’s AC Podcast!

Devil Sister CD Winner!

The winner of the Erin Russ contest is David Montgomery.

Letters are read from our faithful listeners. Trent from Kent, ‘Scotch’ Anderson wrote in this month.

Play-Mate of the Apes

Speaking of “Scotch,” the first important news of the month is the soon to be unleashed on the world, Playmate Of The Apes…The Comic Book!

Michael, William and The Russ went to see The Thing prequel. Thumbs down from Michael, but William has certain things (pun intended) that he likes from the film. They do both agree that it seems bland and one dimensional in comparison to Carpenter’s 1982 film. This leads to discussion of other recent remakes like Funny Games and Let The Right One In.

"Ladies and Gentlemen...The Russ and William Go See THE THING!"
above: "The Russ," Willam Hellfire and Michael Raso en route to "The Thing" prequel.

The Fall 2011 Catalog update is out and available by request. Mike runs down a bunch of the new titles in the update. The catalog is discussed in painstaking detail.

The guys discuss trying to finish and release Grizzly 2.

Grizzly II

They received a letter from the original president of Camp Video. He is happy that someone is still releasing films under the name and passes the torch.

Paige Davis does an interview at Nighthawk Cinema where they did a VHS viewing of Video Violence and The Basement.

VHS Goes To Camp

John and Mike share stories of vehicular disasters that may include alcohol. It quickly devolves into William’s tale of pooping his pants. Much laughter ensues.

William does reviews of Cuckoo Clocks From Hell, Happy Life and the band Scratch Acid.


William mentions horror films with a Thanksgiving bent. Home Sweet Home with Body by Jake is mentioned.

Mike gives us a taste of what December will bring to the Alternative Cinema Podcast including the release of Porkchop with Erin Russ.

Mike talks about his recent purchase of the Beach Boys Smile Sessions CDs.

A general call for letters about your favorite Christmas horror film is made before the guys hit the road for another month.