Monday, November 22, 2010

"Book of Lore" filmmakers score at Killer Film Festival

Blog by Michael Raso

Visiting Pop Cinema 11/15/2010

Imagine my surprise when I received a call (this past Monday morning) from indie filmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George for an invite to lunch. Turns out both gents were passing through on their way back from the Killer Film Festival in Massachusetts where they picked up three (count ‘em…THREE) awards for their new film “Presidents Day.” ("Best Picture", "Best Screenplay" and "Best Use of a Former President")

Visiting Pop Cinema 11/15/2010

Visiting Pop Cinema 11/15/2010
(above) A relaxing lunch at "The Butler" Family Restaurant

Chris and Jimmy are also the talented guys behind two new releases this year – the “Book of Lore/Grave Mistakes Double Feature” and (segment director for) “Faces of Schlock.”

Chris LaMartina and his "Book of Lore"

This dynamic duo was also my guests on the May 2010 Alternative Cinema podcast. We heartily discussed the trials and tribulations of producing a no-budget movie. An episode of the AC Podcast that no low-budget filmmaker will want to miss! Listen below.

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Alternative Cinema Podcast - May 2010

Best of luck to Chris & Jimmy. Come back soon!

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Friday, November 12, 2010



"A visceral treat" "One of the best horror films of 2009"

“…well-acted, intense, gory, repulsive, disturbing, and brutal”

"a gruesome tale about an aspiring artist who goes to hell and back for her art" 10 K

SCULPTURE, the newest gore-tastic feature film from genre director Pete Jacelone, stars Raine Brown as Ashley Steel, a talented artist who happens to be haunted by traumatic incidents from her past. Despite support from her childhood friend (Misty Mundae), Ashley spirals down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder. Featuring Marv Blauvelt, Susan Adriensen, Alan Rowe Kelly and a terrific supporting cast, SCULPTURE "contains all of your favorite things - humor, sex and gore" (Fangoria Magazine).

"Sculpture" Fangoria Review

SCULPTURE, which screened to critical and audience acclaim at numerous genre festivals, was released by Camp Motion Pictures October 12, 2010 and can purchased at a special promotional price of $14.99 at


Sculpture / Misty Mundae

You can purchase or stream SCULPTURE at many retail and online stores, including: Hastings, Kim's Underground, Amoeba,,, and Movies Unlimited.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camp Retro 80s Lives!

blog by Michael Raso

Gary P. Cohen will be my special guest on the December 2010 Alternative Cinema Podcast. Gary is the director of the infamous 1987 Direct-To-Video classic VIDEO VIOLENCE.

VIDEO VIOLENCE, VIDEO VIOLENCE II (1987) and the rarely seen CAPTIVES (1988) will be part of the upcoming Camp Motion Pictures Box Set (that will also include the unreleased 1989 Super 8 film THE BASEMENT)

Video Violence / Video Violence 2 / Mama's Home
Original VHS box arts

Polaroid Colorpack IV camera test / Butler Center USA
Recording for the podcast will take place this Thursday, November 11 at Camp Motion Pictures HQ in Butler, NJ.

If podcast listeners have any questions for Mr Cohen, please e-mail them to me at AlternativeCinemaPodcast (at)

About Gary P. Cohen

Gary P. Cohen is the Producing Director for Middlesex County, New Jersey's Plays-in-The-Park. Over Gary's diverse career, he has been a theatrical agent for The William Morris Agency, founded his own theater company (Celebration Playhouse) in the 70's, acted in many plays and musicals, and created lighting and set designs for PIP and other NJ theaters. In addition to directing at PIP, Gary has worked for the Bickford Theatre and the Forum Theatre. He has written two books about theater: THE COMMUNITY THEATER HANDBOOK and the THEATER DIRECTOR'S PRIMER, both published by Heinemann Publishers and available on-line at and Barnes and

Gary Cohen / dir. Video Violence
Film Editor Joe Kolbek and Gary P Cohen (at Camp HQ in 2007)

Along with Mark Baron, he has written a children's musical, THE RELUCTANT DRAGON, published by Heuer Publishing. A horror movie fanatic, Gary has also written and directed two ground-breaking shot-on-video horror films, VIDEO VIOLENCE and VIDEO VIOLENCE 2 which have become cult favorites. Camp Motion Pictures has released the two films, completely re-mastered, on a double DVD, complete with director commentary, outtakes, and interviews.-

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Alternative Cinema Podcast NOTES / Episode 20 - November 1, 2010

Blog by Michael Raso

Episode 20 - November 1, 2010
Shooting movies with the Canon 7D DSLR, Scrambled Sex TV Channels, Apple Knockers and a Coke and tons more. Special guests Henrique Couto and Joey K.

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The Boys

This month I'm joined by filmmakers Henrique Couto and Joe Kolbek.

Links to topics discussed:

The NEW Polaroid 300 Instant Film Camera is available at Target Stores in the USA.

Polaroid 300 Instant Film Camera

The Polaroid 300 camera takes credit card sized instant pictures. I took it with me to the premiere of Digger Films' "Under The Scares." You Tube video below.

"Church of the Eyes"

Canon 7D DSLR scores BIG for low-budget filmmakers!

Henrique and Joe discuss their experiences using the Canon 7D camera. Most recently, Henrique shot "Church of the Eyes" - a film currently in production by CoppFilms.

"Church of the Eyes" teaser trailer

"Church of the Eyes"

"Church of the Eyes" - Written by Andrew Copp, Kevin Jones and Nick Williams. Directed by Andrew Copp. Projected release date 2011 Shot on the Canon 7D by Henrique Couto. Image © Copp Films. Image Used with Permission.

"The Basement" to be released on DVD and VHS?!

"The Basement" (1989) - 2011 announce

We announced that Tim O'Rawe's 1989 Super 8 feature film "The Basement" will make it's world premiere on VHS and DVD in 2011. The film was shelved and forgotten due to technical difficulties.

Introducing the ZOOM HD2 Handy "Digital" Recorder

Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

The November AC Pocast was recored on the NEW ZOOM HD recorder. It's fantastic and perfect for recording sound on your movie set using the Canon 7D!

Above: SWEETWATER Zoom H2 video on YouTube

Alternative Cinema Forum at KILLER REVIEWS!

Did you know that you can log on to in their forums section and leave comments in/about Alternative Cinema podcast!? Log on today!

NEW RELEASES at Alternative Cinema!

The boys discuss new DVD releases including SCULPTURE, FACES OF SCHLOCK and TWO BIG BOOBS - featuring the famous, famous, famous stag reel - "Apple Knockers and a Coke!"

Trailers for some NEW RELEASES

"Two Big Boobs"

"Sculpture" - starring Raine Browne and Misty Mundae

"Faces of Schlock" stars Ruby LaRocca

NEW RELEASES at Alternative Cinema ON SALE!

WHT (Wometco Home Theater)

The 1980s SCRAMBLED SEX DVD COLLECTION is discussed. In the 1980s, before cable TV reached some areas, soft-core sex shows were shown on UHF channels. The signal was scrambled unless you subscribed to a "descambler" box. One of the most popular services was Wometco Home Theater. The film in this DVD collection played on such services.

More on Wikipedia about WHT (Wometco Home Theater)

Michael Nesmith

We leave you this month with a tune from Michael Nesmith's album "Tantamount To Treason."

Who's Michael Nesmith?
"Best known for his role (and his trademark wool hat) in the made-for-TV pop-rock band The Monkees, Nesmith has done much of his most notable—though widely unrecognized—work since The Monkees disbanded in 1970. Among his groundbreaking achievements, he tinged rock music with some of his native Texas flavor and created a style that has come to be known as altcountry, won the first Grammy for Video of the Year in 1981, and created one of the first companies to distribute movies and TV programs on home video. But perhaps most significantly, Nesmith pioneered the TV music-video format that eventually became MTV."

Check out all of Mr Nesmith's music at his website - and

You won't be disappointed.

Hey, check out Henrique Couto's UKE OR DIE website too!

Letters to

See you next month.

- Michael Raso