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Alternative Cinema - What's New!?

Erin Russ - Fall 2009 (outtake)

Alternative Cinema is happy to announce the following new DVD releases this week!


"The Basement" (1989) - 2011 announce

We've waited 22 years for this release! 5 Films in a VHS Big Box for an amazing $24.99 at Alternative Cinema. Get it here!

The Ultimate Gift to Fans of 1980’s DIY Horror Cinema! VHS / DVD 5-Film Collection in an Exclusive VHS Collector’s Package that Includes Classic Early 1980’s Home Video VHS “Big Box” Packaging! Also Includes the Never-Before-Released 8mm feature, The Basement, on DVD…and VHS!

Available for the first time on VHS and DVD, The Basement is the lost 1989 Super 8 anthology feature film directed by Timothy O’Rawe (Ghoul School). Restored by director of photography Michael Raso in 2010, The Basement is a shining example of 80’s DIY cinema inspired by Amicus Films’ Tales from the Crypt and featuring elaborate special make-up and creature effects by Scott Hart.

The Basement (1989) - Directed by Tim O’Rawe. Four strangers are summoned to the basement of an abandoned house by a mysterious entity known only as The Sentinel. One after another, they are forced to witness heinous deeds they have yet to commit – and which will damn them for all eternity.

Swimming Pool - An unfaithful woman disposes of the evidence with a little help from a demonic water spirit.

Trick or Treat - Classic monsters exact revenge on a bitter man who refuses to honor Halloween.

Zombie Movie - Cocaine, hookers and reanimated corpses wreak havoc on the set of an independent film.

Home Sweet Home - A young man questions his sanity after purchasing a house where torture and mass murder were committed 6 years before.

The Basement Retro ‘80s Horror Collection also includes cult classic DIY films:

Captives – Available for the first time on DVD, Captives is director Gary Cohen’s follow-up to his incredibly successful SOV horror films Video Violence and Video Violence 2. Taken hostage by three violently deranged criminals, a woman fights back to save her baby and mother-in-law’s lives in this gritty and suspenseful crime drama.

Video Violence - In this gore-soaked cult classic, a young couple opens a video store in a small town populated by violence-addicted amateur filmmakers, lead by the demented Howard and Eli.

Video Violence 2 - The sequel to the Video Violence finds Howard and Eli pirating a cable TV channel for the purpose of furthering their brand of homegrown depravity, madness and murder.

Cannibal Campout - Deranged orphans torture, mutilate and murder innocent campers in this DIY classic from Jon McBride.

1987, 1988, 1989 / 548 mins. / Horror / Color and B&W / Not Rated / 4x3 / Region 0 / NTSC / English / Stereo

- The Basement on VHS Cassette
- The Basement Commentary
- The Basement Outtakes
- The Basement New Segment
- Vengeance short film
- Say No To Drugs short film
- Meadowlands Showcase Segment: Halloween Take Over
- Meadowlands Showcase Segment: Long Road to Karaoke
- Meadowlands Showcase Segment: Long is the Night
- Video Violence 1&2 Commentaries
- Cannibal Campout Commentary
- Captives Commentary
- Interview with Video Violence Director Gary Cohen
- Camp Motion Picture Vault



Two Astonishing Tales of Terror From Beyond the Grave

Get it HERE for $14.99 on DVD!

Beyond the Dunwich Horror - A Modern Vision of Ancient Evil

Kenny Crawford arrives in Dunwich after hearing that his brother Andrew has been admitted to a psychiatric ward, and is suspected in a string of disappearances in the town. As he investigates the mystery surrounding his brother’s incarceration, he uncovers evidence of a sinister and dangerous plot…as an ancient evil awakens from its slumber…featuring Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, I Drink Your Blood)

Pretty Dead Things - Death Never Looked This Good

Adult film star Jennifer Bond has everything a girl could want: looks, power, a fabulously dangerously sexy boyfriend…and immortality due to the fact she was transformed into a vampire circa 1979. But as her 50th birthday draws near, she returns to the town she left in search of the love of her life, the aging porn director John Welles. Unfortunately, one of her travelling companions and former co-star takes a shine to one of their midnight snacks, a pizza delivery boy, and she creates a new vampire with a taste for bloody revenge! As the four ex-porn stars ravage the town as part of their nightly fun, the pizza boy hooks up with the beleaguered mayor and the Moral Majority to stomp out the dangerously porn star-vampire menace.



It’s a Full House! DVD only $14.99 HERE!
Hosted by Grindhouse personality 42nd Street Pete, Busty Babe Bonanza presents over three hours of scintillating sexploitation! This vintage 28-loop collection showcases classic Erotica from the 1950s through the 1970s, and features busty starlets Uschi Digard, Candy Samples and Arline Hunter in hard-to-find loops Dr. Probe and the infamous “Marilyn Monroe” short, Apple Knockers and a Coke.

Loops included are:
Geisha Girls, Bunny Waters, Girls Who Talk to Goats, Frisco Girls, Apple Knockers and a Coke, Classy, Uschi, Patricia, Big Hair Hijinx, Triple Climax Orgy, Kitty V, Sherri Quinn, Kalantan – Lia – Jerrima, Dr. Probe, Chastity Belt, Mistress Uschi, Mistress of the Ropes, Cherry Cheeks, Take Down and Tap Out, Open Evenings, Nudist Camp, Naturally Yours, Carol Baker, Ruby Hughes and Friend, Wild Honey, Kiko, Helen Russo, Spanks May I Have Another

1950s – 1970s / 235 mins. / Erotica / Color and B&W / Not Rated / 4x3 / Region 0 / English

- Color Booklet Featuring Liner Notes by Grindhouse Personality and Program Host 42nd Street Pete
- Secret Key Trailer Vault


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