Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alternative Cinema Podcast #30 / September 2011 – Show Notes


Notes by Douglas Waltz

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The 30th episode of the AC Podcast starts off with a cut from Satan’s Pilgrims album Creature Features.


Your hosts Michael Raso, John Fedele and Bill Hellfire hit the ground running with a Polaroid Spectra camera full of expired film to document the show.


With all the new listeners and letters, Mike is really happy to be there. So happy that he mentions a new purchase - Brian Wilson Reimagining Gershwin CD. That leads into a tale of Mike and John, along with Mike Weiss getting to meet Brian Wilson at Carnegie Hall.

John Fedele meets Brian Wilson!

The guys run down places where Alternative Cinema will be making personal appearances.

Nighthawk Cinema will have a screening of Video Violence with director Gary Cohen on hand for a prescreening Q&A.


The New York Comic Con in October October 13th – 16th
Buffalo Screams Horror Festival October 26th -30th
Buffalo, NY

ChillerTheatre Expo October 28th – 30th

Mike also gives us a heads up that the October AC Podcast will be The Erin Russ Podcast!

Erin Russ - Fall '09

Listener letters are followed up by Bill bringing a new twist to the hillbilly horror that the guys are so fond of.

The less traveled path of …sasquatch rape!


With films like Night of the Demon and Demon Warp, Bill gives full reviews of both films and mentions a new release, Letters From The Big Man that deals with sasquatch love.

Bill also brings in one of his VHS treasures. A big box copy of Godzilla vs. Megalon.


The hillbilly discussion continues as Bill mentions Slashed Dreams a.k.a. Sunburst from 1974 starring an extremely young Robert Englund.

And just when you think the reviews are over, Bill talks about the Intervision release of the classic 80’s shot on video horror classic, Sledge Hammer. With all the extras, Bill’s review makes this sound like a must buy for any fan of the genre.


Bill brings up two artists in the music scene that he recommends highly. The group Graveyard from Sweden and Silverfish

Silverfish “Crazy”


Les Baxter
Les Baxter

John discusses music with recent purchases of Les Baxter film soundtracks. They discuss all the Corman films as well as other low budget horror films that Baxter contributed to.

With that they wrap up the show with a tune from the film, Horror Express.

“Horror Express” coming to DVD this year from Severin Films!

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