Saturday, October 13, 2012

Alternative Cinema Podcast 42 - October 15, 2012

The 'Lil Witch

Show Notes! It’s the spooky and kooky Halloween Show. Win Horror VHS Tapes! Win Pumpkin Pop Rocks! Win an Autographed Polaroid of Erin Russ! Spooky Retro Commercials and more! Do not miss this episode!

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Michael Raso is joined in the studio by William Hellfire and Erin Russ. (John Fedele is home recovered from eating dried bugs last podcast!)

John Eats Bugs!
Above: John Fedele eating Sour Cream and Onion Dried Crickets

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Pop Rock!
above: Erin Russ eating Pumpkin Pop Rocks. Win some by entering our contest!

Upcoming Events

Buffalo Screams Film Festival! The Third Annual BUFFALO SCREAMS Horror Film Festival, a festival organized by filmmakers to spotlight edgy, creative, independent horror films you probably won't see at your local multiplex - a film festival for people who love to make horror films and people who love to watch horror films.

Chiller Theatre!!!!!!
The Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo 2012-10-13
October 26 – 28 in New Jersey

Henrique Couto’s New Spooky Album
Henrique has a spooky new album out! Don’t listen in the dark Part 2!

Nick Zedd’s Kickstarter!
1980s Transgressive filmmaker Nick Zedd is making anew movie and he wants YOU to help fund it!

Shawn Costello’s “Risky Behavior”
The long awaited memoir from the man who secretly invented the sex movie.
Shaun is asking you to pre-order and support his book!

Horror Thon at the Lafayette Theater!

Jack-O-Lantern Blaze on the Hudson

Little Punk People Promo Video
Anti-Bullying – It Can’t Rain All The Time

Super-Friend Darren “Pancho” Riley just produced
Bug-Eyed Attack  by The Kiss Off!

Andy Milligan!
Gene stops by and chit-chats about 1970s grindhouse filmmaker Andy Milligan! Gene hosts his own podcast – Third Eye Cinema!

William and Erin discuss the must-see film this Halloween season - Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things!

William "Orville" Hellfire
above: Michael Raso's photo of William dressed as Orville from "Chicdren Shouldn't Play With Dead Things."

Thanks for listening – See you next month!

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