Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camp Retro 80s Lives!

blog by Michael Raso

Gary P. Cohen will be my special guest on the December 2010 Alternative Cinema Podcast. Gary is the director of the infamous 1987 Direct-To-Video classic VIDEO VIOLENCE.

VIDEO VIOLENCE, VIDEO VIOLENCE II (1987) and the rarely seen CAPTIVES (1988) will be part of the upcoming Camp Motion Pictures Box Set (that will also include the unreleased 1989 Super 8 film THE BASEMENT)

Video Violence / Video Violence 2 / Mama's Home
Original VHS box arts

Polaroid Colorpack IV camera test / Butler Center USA
Recording for the podcast will take place this Thursday, November 11 at Camp Motion Pictures HQ in Butler, NJ.

If podcast listeners have any questions for Mr Cohen, please e-mail them to me at AlternativeCinemaPodcast (at) gmail.com

About Gary P. Cohen

Gary P. Cohen is the Producing Director for Middlesex County, New Jersey's Plays-in-The-Park. Over Gary's diverse career, he has been a theatrical agent for The William Morris Agency, founded his own theater company (Celebration Playhouse) in the 70's, acted in many plays and musicals, and created lighting and set designs for PIP and other NJ theaters. In addition to directing at PIP, Gary has worked for the Bickford Theatre and the Forum Theatre. He has written two books about theater: THE COMMUNITY THEATER HANDBOOK and the THEATER DIRECTOR'S PRIMER, both published by Heinemann Publishers and available on-line at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

Gary Cohen / dir. Video Violence
Film Editor Joe Kolbek and Gary P Cohen (at Camp HQ in 2007)

Along with Mark Baron, he has written a children's musical, THE RELUCTANT DRAGON, published by Heuer Publishing. A horror movie fanatic, Gary has also written and directed two ground-breaking shot-on-video horror films, VIDEO VIOLENCE and VIDEO VIOLENCE 2 which have become cult favorites. Camp Motion Pictures has released the two films, completely re-mastered, on a double DVD, complete with director commentary, outtakes, and interviews.- http://www.frankensteinthemusical.com/team_Cohen.html

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