Thursday, October 14, 2010

THE BASEMENT - 1989 Super 8 Goodness Coming to VHS?!

"The Basement" (1989) - 2011 announce

After being shelved for 21 years, the 1989 Super 8 feature film "The Basement" (Dir - Tim O'Rawe) is getting a DVD and VHS release(!) in 2011 by Camp Motion Pictures.

"The Basement" 1989 Super 8 Kodachrome Feature Film

Shot in the tail end of the VHS era, the feature was intended for release on the original Camp Video label. The film, which suffered from technical obstacles, was abandoned late in 1989. Director O'Rawe went on to direct "Ghoul School" in early 1990 for Cinema Home Video.

The film was retrieved from storage in 2009 and inspected. Amazingly preserved, the film was shipped to DuArt Film & Video in New York City for a film-to-tape transfer by colorist Tim Bond under the supervision of Director of Photography Michael Raso. The film was edited by Joe Kolbek, who recorded an entire new dialog track (with music by filmmaker Chris LaMartina).

An early 2011 DVD and VHS release is planned.

Ghoul School Splatter University Edition trailer / Camp Motion Pictures

More info soon on "The Basement"!

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