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Spotlight on DEBBIE ROCHON

The Prolific Actress, Writer, and Fangoria Radio Co-Host / Producer Gives AC the Skinny on Her Latest Projects

Debbie Rochon /Walking Distance
"Walking Distance"

Phil Avelli, Marketing Director for the Alternative Cinema network of independent film labels, caught up with indie- film icon Debbie Rochon last week over coffee. Here’s what Debbie had to say about some of her recent projects and last four years as co-host and producer of Fangoria Radio:

Phil - Hi Debbie! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. As you know, on August 24th we’re releasing the SUBURBAN PSYCHO HORROR COLLECTION, which contains SKIN CRAWL - in which you starred - as well as a film you co-wrote and co-produced, SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE. This seemed like a really good excuse to speak with you about some of your recent projects and future goals! So, what’s new for 2010 and beyond?

Debbie - I feel very proud of ‘my’ 2010 releases so far, THE GOOD SISTERS - based on true characters brought into modern times from the Salem Witch Trials era - was an amazing shoot and the movie turned out really unique and was just a joy to make. COLOUR FROM THE DARK was an exceptional experience, directed by Ivan Zuccon (H.P. LOVECRAFT'S THE SHUNNED HOUSE), the film is based on Lovecrafts’s story “The Colour Out of Space”. COLOUR FROM THE DARK was shot in the farmlands of Italy - about an hour north of Bologna - over a 5-week schedule. It’s receiving excellent reviews, and I feel deeply privileged to have been a part of it. See it through Netflix, and if you really like it, buy it.

Debbie Rochon
“The Good Sister”

Debbie Rochon / Colour From the Dark
“Colour from the Dark”

I made a few films that are soon to be released that I would love to single out. SLIME CITY MASSACRE is certainly one of them. It was an honor to be in the sequel to such a beloved cult hit and I think the original SLIME CITY fans will really enjoy it!

Debbie Rochon / Slime City Massacre
(FYI, SLIME CITY MASSACRE will screen this August in Toronto at Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear, part of the Canadian Comic Book Expo. Director Gregory Lamberson – who is also promoting his new novel, “The Frenzy Way” – will be in attendance)

Another great film I worked on was VOODOO COWBOYS. I bonded me with a number of talented members of the cast and crew while in Arkansas, including the current reality TV vixen Whitney Mixer (who is one of the stars of Showtime's THE REAL L WORD now airing). Then there's SICK BOY starring Skye McCole Bartusiak who starred in such features as THE PATRIOT and DON'T SAY A WORD - she was a real treat and ultimate pro to work with. Rebecca Stacey (with whom I worked on AMERICAN NIGHTMARE) recommended me for that one and I am very grateful to her for that – it was such a fantastic experience working on that set. Another upcoming project is WON TON BABY! with Suzi Lorraine and Gunnar Hansen. It’s a really unique ‘evil baby’ movie with a lot of socio-political statements wrapped in a fun fetus- gone-awry flick! I have seen WALKING DISTANCE which is playing at a lot of fests right now, also featuring Reggie Banister and Adrienne King, it really kicks some old-school warped Hellraiser-esque type ass! SATAN HATES YOU!, a response to the classic 60s and 70s Christian scare flicks is completely off-the-hook original and has a laundry list of genre stars in it like Larry Fessenden, Angus Scrimm, Michael Berryman and a host of other greats, it was pretty awesome to afforded the chance to be in the same flick as such talent. Other films coming out soon after this litany of honestly great flicks are ALIEN VENGEANCE, AS NIGHT FALLS, SHE WOLF RISING and AVANTGARDE - to name a few! I can honestly say it's been a busy time, but more importantly a 'good quality of films' time for me, which is why it really is so exciting.

Debbie Rochon / Satan Hates You
“Satan Hates You”

Phil – it’s amazing you’ve been able to tackle so many projects on top of your column in Fangoria magazine and role as co-host and co-producer of Fangoria Radio. Would you tell us a bit about working in radio – and what it’s like to work with Dee Schneider (of Twisted Sister). Had you met Dee before Fangoria radio? :

Debbie Rochon
Fangoria Radio

Debbie – I actually co-hosted the 2005 Greenwich Village Halloween Parade with Dee Snider!. The company that booked both of us for that gig was the same company that ended up buying 'Fangoria Magazine’," Rochon related. "And then 'Fangoria' branched out into the website and the Sirius XM radio show. I had a lot of experience doing radio, and Dee was brought in, and he's a wonderful radio talent. I have co-produced and co-hosted Fangoria Radio for four years now…the show has been on hiatus for a couple of months, and it probably will be for at least another month, but booking, writing and hosting the show really sharpened my chops for producing in general. While I would never be interested in producing exclusively I do love creating projects where you have more control over the final product. Although it was collaboration between everyone who worked on the show it was far, far more than just a gig. It was a way of life and really my entire life for those 4 years. I loved the cooperative control I have working on that show. I met a lot of pretty amazing people and a few duds along the way too. But the good folks out weighed the bad 100 times over so I can't imagine a better experience than I have working on the show. Tony Timpone, Dee Snider, Michael Gingold and the rest of the Fango team really changed my life and all for the best. I also learned that for the most part the bigger the horror star the less maintenance they would require. It was some of the struggling up and coming folks that were higher maintenance oddly enough. But I was always thrilled to get on the big names I always wanted to interview plus the talented lesser knowns that really deserved the exposure too.

Phil – You mentioned you’ve been writing, can you tell me a bit more about that?

Debbie – yes, I also write a regular column now for Fangoria magazine, “Diary of the Dead’. That is a real dream come true for a writer. My autobiography keeps chugging along as well, but I have to often put it aside to travel and work. But I’m constantly writing, working on stories about not just me, but the condition of the world and human behavior. I am very, very happy right now I couldn't be more pleased with the people I am working with and the projects I am doing.

Phil – Thanks, Debbie!

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