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It’s not that often that filmmakers visit the studio. These days, the Butler, New Jersey offices and studio are primarily marketing, post production and catalog sales for the combined companies of Pop Cinema, Alternative Cinema and Camp Motion Pictures.

Butler Center, NJ USA

The turn-of-the-century hustle and bustle of multiple in-house, on-site productions to feed the exploding DVD market are in the past in favor of productions off-site (and often in the home state of the filmmakers)

In 2007 Mark and John Polonia (along with Brett Piper) shot “Splatter Beach” in rural Pennsylvania.

Splatter Beach - Directed by The Polonia Brothers
John Polonia, Brett Piper and Mark Polonia / "Splatter Beach" 2007

In 2008, the tongue-in-cheek spoof "BatBabe:The Dark Nightie" was shot in nearby New York City.

BatBabe:The Dark Nightie
“The Jerker” wreaks havoc in NYC / Batbabe: The Dark Nightie

This year, Jacob Ennis is shooting a follow-up to his successful STASH in his home state of Kentucky. Here is the press release from late in 2009:


Jacob Ennis, director of indie exploitation hit STASH, is currently in production on a new exploitation feature for Camp Motion Picture’s Bloody Earth Films. Inspired by iconic extreme ‘70s exploitation-horror films such as THE HILLS HAVE EYES and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, RED RIVER, also penned by Ennis, is the shocking and brutal tale of the final days of a back-woods serial killer. Set in the gorgeous parks and forests of Kentucky, with an extensive cast of locals and professional talent, RED RIVER is slated for release in late 2010.

Red River - Dirrected by Jacob Ennis

Red River - Dirrected by Jacob Ennis
Images from the upcoming “Red River” directed by Jacob Ennis

In late April, Maryland natives (Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George) came up from Maryland and appeared on the May Alternative Cinema Podcast.

Alternative Cinema Podcast

Chris and Jimmy are the Dynamic Duo behind the “Book of Lore / Grave Mistakes Horror Double Feature” being released nationally this Tuesday, May 18th by Camp Motion Pictures.

Book Of Lore
“Book of Lore/Grave Mistakes Horror Double Feature”

They also produced the monthly “Lost Trailer Park: Never Coming Attractions” …

May 2010 / PSYCHO de MAYO (aka Gringos Muertos)

April 2010 / SHRIEK OF THE EASTER BEAST featuring George Stover

…and most recently produced the 80’s “throwback” “President’s Day” also featuring George Stover, Ruby LaRocca and Shawn C Phillips.

“President’s Day” Official Trailer

Shawn produces the amazingly popular (and favorite YouTube show of mine) “My DVD Update Collection” – a monthly show where Shawn shares his review of “showing the dvds and Blu-rays Ive gotten over the last three weeks!”

My Dvd Collection Update 4/12/10 featuring “Book of Lore / Grave Mistakes” review + a review of Michael Hoffman’s ROT: Reunion of terror

As some of you may know, I am passionate not only about filmmaking but of Film Photography (with emphasis on cameras from the Twentieth Century). So much so, that I started a podcast called The Film Photography Podcast!
The monthly show can be heard here -

Here are some images I shot using vintage cameras during Chris and Jimmy’s visit to the studio.

Alternative Cinema Podcast - May 2010

Alternative Cinema Podcast - May 2010
Jimmy George and Chris LaMartina shot on Classic Polaroid 600 Instant film

Alternative Cinema Podcast - May 2010

Alternative Cinema Podcast - May 2010
A vintage (1954) Kodak Brownie Bull’s-Eye camera was used to shoot Jimmy and Chris in the Pop Cinema studio.


Pop Cinema owner Michael Raso has been working professionally in the visual arts for over 20 years. A photographer, producer and and most recently Podcast host, Raso is passionate about using film as viable and exciting medium for the visual artist, even in this age of digital photography.

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