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SHOCK FESTIVAL DVD Interview with Victor Bonacore

Interview by Joshua T. Gravel

Indie filmmaker Victor Bonacore, director of the faux trailer "THEY MADE ME!" talks about his influences, his cast, crew and how it all began with a Chainsaw Kiss.

Filmmaker Victor Bonacore

What inspired you to pursue a career in film?
I have always been into the arts, especially film. My two older sisters raised me on PINK FLAMINGOS, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW & THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, so I believe that had somewhat of an impact on me. After I got my first camcorder I re-enacted scenes from famous movies, and then I started writing. I went to school for film, and made some shorts there, but it wasn’t until I moved out to New Jersey and into a house with fellow filmmakers Joey Smack & Ruby Larocca that I really found my place. I bought a 16mm camera; we put our minds together and started creating all the time, and formed CHAINSAW KISS. We started making films together in the summer of 08. First we did a weird music video for Long Island folk artist Johnnie Lee Jordan called THE WIGLY. Then we did a film about child molestation and organized religion that played some great festivals like Fantasia in Montreal & The Coney Island Film Festival called ICE CREAM SUNDAY. Our next project was a movie about a girl who will do anything to get the weird one that she wants, which was actually the directorial debut for Ruby Larocca, titled BELATED BY VALENTINES LOVER. Then we did a film called DOG SHIT written & directed by underground speed-core musician ScreamerClauz about a utopian society where people wear paper plates as masks. Next came the trailer for the SHOCK FESTIVAL project, and we had a blast doing that. We are currently shooting a new film called BLOOD WINGS: A SATANIC FANTASY and it’s going to be our first feature film together. We are all very excited about it. After that we’re going to produce a new short, written and directed by Joey Smack! So we are constantly working, constantly going broke, but committed to making our name in the underground art scene.

Filmmaker Victor Bonacore - Shock Festival "They Made Me"

What brought you to this project and what drew your attention to choose the specific trailer you made?
I have a good friend that works for ALTERNATIVE CINEMA, and I thought this would be a great project to be associated with so I asked if CHAINSAW KISS could be a part of it, and they said yes! So we went home, flipped through the book for a couple of days and I fell in love with THEY MADE ME! I love girl gang films, and I just love gang films in general so I thought it would be great fun doing one. I went to Ruby right away and asked if she would play the lead in the trailer, and of course she said yes! I took all the taglines and anything else associated with that title in the book, and then wrote out a rough script for it. Joe & I reviewed it again, made some changes and we were ready to shoot. Our friend Brandon was living with us at the time and is a very talented DP, so I asked him to shoot it, and that is one of the reasons, the trailer looks so good!

Monique Stines and Sybelle Silverphoenix Shock Festival "They Made Me"

Explain why you would want to make a trailer for a film the book refers to as “the most poorly made all girl exploitation effort of its day?”
Because that’s awesome! There is true art in bad cinema and to have my name associated with that is a blessing from Satan!

Can you tell us a little about the actors you worked with?
Well, what can I say about RUBY LAROCCA? She is the greatest actress of all time. And I really mean that. If you ever get lucky enough to work with her, you will know what I mean, she does whatever you ask of her, and more, she’s a great fucking talent, friend and roommate.

Ruby Larocca Shock Festival "They Made Me"

Shock Festival DVD
pictured: Ruby LaRocca, Shock Festival producer Paige Kay Davis, Victor Bonacore

The other girls were great too! I had never worked with Jamie Mayhem before and was really excited to. She is great and is a pleasure on set. She is also in the upcoming BLOOD WINGS as well! Sybelle Silverphoenix was great too, I met her at Comic-Con where she was promoting a new film she was in directed by Underground Legend BillZebub. I contacted her and she was down! Monique Stines I have known for a while and have worked with before, too. She will do it all and with a smile on her face. Then we had Mike Mistake who was more than happy to get brutally murdered by a group of beautiful toughies. Chi Orengo gladly got thrown around in the dirt and rolled on glass for the film. Then I needed a girl to get raped by a knife, so I called up my girlfriend who had never been in a film before and said “would you be cool getting raped by a knife today?” She was down!

Then I put a call in to the incredible New Jersey actor ALAN ROWE KELLY, a pleasure to be around and great honor to work with. I knew he would bring the mother character to life. Really a great cast, where everyone went the extra mile and everyone kicked ass, and I know that is reflected on screen.

Shock Festival "They Made Me"
pictured: Alan Rowe Kelly

Who worked on the technical end of the production, specifically cinematography, music, and special effects?
Brandon Wunder was the director of photography. He’s got a great eye and his stuff is great; it was easy to work with him. The song we used was from the band the UBANGIS! A really tight, rock n’ roll band! ScreamerClauz edited the trailer, did the sound mix and all the visual effects for the film!

Shock Festival "They Made Me"

Victor Bonacore, Linnea Quigley, John Link on set "Blood Wings"
on the set of “Blood Wings.” Pictured: Victor Bonacore, Linnea Quigley, Johnny Link

Are there any current or future projects you would like people to know about?
Yes, there’s DOG SHIT, which I mentioned earlier, and our newest project BLOOD WINGS, which we are currently still shooting. We just got off our biggest weekend of shooting, 3 days straight. LINNEA QUIGLEY is in this film as the housemother of a satanic cult (we just finished shooting all her scenes). This movie is going to be insane! It’s a story Ruby and I came up with together, and we are all producing together while I take the directional reigns. This will be our first feature so we are very, very excited about it! Keep an eye out for it next spring!

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