Monday, January 25, 2010

Shock Festival “Tribute Trailers” Screening NYC Anthology Film Archives

NYC, New York
January 25, 2010

The contemporary “Tribute Trailers” program of the upcoming Stephen Romano Presents Shock Festival DVD, a 3-Disc video and audio celebration of the Grindhouse era featuring classic and contemporary homage content, will screen at 10:00 pm Saturday, January 30 at The Anthology Film Archives, located at 32 Second Avenue in NYC.


The program, comprised of 13 contemporary trailers plus one “mini-movie”, showcases the talents of several up-and-coming independent directors. Shot on location in such diverse cities as Austin, Los Angeles, NYC and Buenos Aires, these short content ‘faux trailers’ were inspired by the fictional horror and exploitation films described in Stephen Romano’s acclaimed 2008 novel, Shock Festival.

Stephen Romano's SHOCK FESTIVAL

Co-producer Paige Kay Davis will be on hand to introduce the screening and conduct a post-screening introduction to attending content contributors. A limited number of seats will be available to the press and public. Details will appear on Alternative Cinema’s various social networking sites ( FaceBook, MySpace ) a few days prior to the event.

Stephen Romano's SHOCK FESTIVAL

The 3-Disc collection, Stephen Romano Presents Shock Festival, is available on DVD February 9, 2010 from Alternative Cinema.

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